The Vallecillo’s

January 1, 2008

Celebrating the new year like rock-stars

Category: family,friends – luis – 11:21 pm

OK, maybe not so much rock-stars. You see, staying up past midnight these days isn’t easy. And by “these days” I mean being 40 with 2 kids, 2 dogs and a new house. And by “new house” I mean steep mortgage payment and higher utility bills. My point is, we were both in bed by 11:30. If that isn’t sad enough, we tried very hard to stay up to at least see the new fancy-smanzy LED laden Times Square ball drop with little success.Go ahead, say it… “pathetic”! 2008 may just be the year we start going to dinner at 4:30 pm…at Luby’s.

There is really not a whole lot going on New Year’s day, so we decided it would be great to go see the ICE exhibit at the Gaylor Texan Hotel in Grapevine. This is basically a huge ice sculpture/building/playground under a gigantic 18,000 sq. ft. refrigerator (at 9 degrees Fahrenheit) complete with 4 hand-sculptured ice slides. We met some friends there and made an afternoon of it.

IMG_1941 IMG_1961

We worked up quite an appetite after bearing the artificial weather elements, so we ended up going to lunch at one of our favorite new places: Ritzy’s. This place is awesome! Not only do they have great burgers, onion rings and fries, but it also has a killer salad bar and serve homemade ice cream. The kid’s meal comes with a token good for a scoop of ice cream, so the kids were a happy bunch.

Great, I’ve made myself hungry now.